Yaar Anmulle 2 Box office collection, First day collection Yaar Anmulle 2, Budget

Yaar Anmulle 2 collection, first day collection of Yaar Anmulle 2 box office collection :-

After 5 year finally second squeal of Yaar Anmulle 2 has been released on box office, People in these days are too curious to know Yaar anmulle 2, if you don’t know about this film then let me tell you something first. Yaar Anmulle 2 is an Punjabi comedy movie which recently released on Indian box office, Due to a good response from past few days Team decide to make the second part of this film, If you don’t know about the movie then let me show you something first. Yaar Anmulle 2 features is Raja Baath, Sarbjit Cheema in the lead role. This time team totally changed the all star cast of the film which we saw in the previous sequel, So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

Yaar Anmulle 2 Box office collection

Yaar Anmulle 2 budget, shooting

On the friday show Yaar Anmulle 2 release around 200 + screen, Due to low budget movie film only Release in Punjab, Haryana, & Delhi region . a particular region make this film to earn a good amount, talk about some other thing about this film then it is also interesting to know that that these punjabi star make this film to earn a good amount, On the other hand film has a good story according to audience, Public is giving a good rating to Yaar anmulle 2 only because of it’s story. If you really want to know Yaar anumlle 2 first day collection, Yaar anmulle 2 collection. or total collection of yaar anmulle 2 then you should look at our report.

Yaar Anmulle 2 hit or flop ?

Compare to previous film response in Punjab and other parts are too much low, Film does’t have any popular punjabi star and neither the script is fixed is good, Overall we have to say that film is unable to impress audience on the first day show.

Yaar Anmulle 2 total collection, income, earnings first day collection of Yaar Anmulle 2 :-

Yaar Anmulle 2 first day collection :- 9.14 Lakh

it is also interesting to know that Yaar Anmulle 2 budget is less than 2 crore, According to me if team really wants to make the film super hit then they should have to work for the script. Overall these are the main information which we gain and collect about Yaar Anmulle 2 budget, Yaar Anmulle 2 total collection.

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Yaar Anmulle 2 Second day collection

third day collection of Yaar Anmulle 2

Yaar Anmulle 2 total income

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