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Checkout Happy thanksgiving wishes, Happy thanksgiving 2016 images:- Everyone know that thanksgiving is on the way and people from all across the world celebrate this special day. Today we thought to share some Greetings and and some Cards of thanksgiving with you so that you can send to them to your collages, family member as well as friends. The real meaning of thanksgiving is to enjoy the whole party all the time but if you can do special party on special days like this then you don’t have to worry anymore because we arrange some cards for you which feel great when you saw them.

Thanksgiving is an american festival which is celebrating since 18th Century, The day start celebrating when king gave party to his family in a unique way. At every year in the month of November people of united states decided to celebrate this special event. At that time both Canada and United states have together, Only difference which left in both the countries is that People of united state celebrate this festival in the month of November on the other hand Canadian celebrate this festival in october. This year in Canada thanksgiving day 2016 will be celebrated on 11th of October 2016 on the other hand in USA it will be celebrated on November 24.


Happy thanksgiving wishes 2016

People surely know that at the time of thanksgiving excitement in public get increase because everyone is curious to share some wishes with each other. People wish there family friends and then share beautiful cards with there partner. Due to lake of knowledge many of you didn’t get the idea how can they wish there partner. Before telling you something about thanksgiving i want to tell you my story what happen to me last year. When i was in relationship with my girlfriend i forgot to wish her on a special event and within some week her mood get change. I can’t tell you about my feels how much i feel bad when she reject me. That’s why i am giving you a special advice is that please Don’t every forgot your family friends on Special occasion because there are the people who make your world greater.

The same thing also goes for your parents as well. priority of your parents in your life come always first that’s why it your responsibility that you keep your parents happy. I have also seen thousand of people of celebrate there special eve and thanksgiving party in many expensive hotels but can’t even make a phone call to wish there parents. All these are bad habits and you should not follow any of them. As most people celebrate thanksgiving at your home but it is still important that before giving thanks to year you have to thanks your parents. when your parents pass away you will realise there importance in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving Ideas | Party celebration

i always preffer unique ideas for thanksgiving that’s why i celebrate at different place whenever i need. Sometime it happens that i go with my friend for party but last year i go with my girlfriend so that she feels happy. You must have to change your self for the special days but it does’t mean that you forgot your family member to wish some special days. Now i am going to tell you some things which Our team will tell you

Happy thanksgiving wishes

Happy thanksgiving 2016

best Thanksgiving status

Happy thanksgiving images 


All these list which we mention above for you going to discuss right now. Don’t worry i you want to share some Cards with your girlfriend then checkout these handmade greetings of thanksgiving which we provide to you.


Happy thanksgiving wishes 2016

  • wishing you from My side a Happy thanksgiving for your good health, wealth and Joyful life.


  • May God Give you peaceful life to you and your family on this October 30. Happy thanksgiving 2016.


  • It’s time to say thanks to 2016 for give some special Memorable moment in our life and to make my life much more joyful than expected. Happy thanksgiving to all.


  • A big cheerful moment for me is when there is special Dinner on my table and i enjoy the Food with my family, many Happy returns of this special eve, thanks for coming in my life.


  • o My Lord i want to thank you for Making me so lucky that i could celebrate most of the time with my parents, I think i am the luckiest one, thanks god for.


  • With blessing of lord Again i am with my family to make this thanksgiving much more cheerable, keep blessing me lord so that i can give a thank to you every year.


  • I Can feel birds chirping on my door, Sun rising in front of my window and i can feel that i am standing in the door of haven. thank you year 2016 for such joyful moments. happy thanksgiving 2016.
  • A special eve is knowing on Canadian’s door, Now it time to forgot the boring day and to enjoy a new dinner party at your dinning table. 


  • This Thanksgiving May god bless your with great faith and keep you both happier. Happy thanksgiving to my love. 


  • I Can feel a big smile on rough faces who always sad with there family but it is now time to celebrate thanksgiving with you.


  • People Changes there mood according to there need but i don’t need those selfish people on this thanksgiving, May God bless on this thanksgiving.


  • Chicken is ready to grill and Dinner table is waiting for you my love, may this thanksgiving give us lot of memory. Happy thanksgiving my dear husband.


  • Dear wife be ready to do some shopping on this thanksgiving, I am always thank full for god who gave me such a beautiful wife. 


  • Thanksgiving is the day which come with unforgettable moment and gave you extra smile every time


  • Be thankful to god who gave you sweet memory to spent some time with your family, Be happy and keep smile every day.


Happy Thanksgiving Images 2016




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Happy thanksgiving status for whats app, messages

  • My chicken loving tongue can’t wait to taste some grill chicken, have a great thanksgiving this year


  • whenever i smell some tasty dinner on my dinning table i only thought about thanksgiving, Many happy returns of this year to all.


  • Dear wife my real thanksgiving is when you make some special dishes for me and my tummy says me thanks. it will be the right thanksgiving for me. 


  • Now it is time to make people happy to give a special party of thanksgiving. have a wonderful canadian thanksgiving 2016 to all my friends. 


  • People change there mood according to time but i change not the celebration but only the venue, great thanksgiving this year.



All the stuff has been mention to you by out team wishes of thanksgiving as well as happy thanksgiving images are provided to you. Most of the time i notice that thanksgiving in canada is a special moment to celebrate. if you still have anything to know about happy thanksgiving 2016 then you can comment below for more details


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