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Happy Diwali 3d Images, Happy diwali 2016 images :- Diwali is holy festival of india belongs to Hindu Community. From ancient time only hindu was celebrating this festival but now not only hindu but people from each community comes together forward and celebrate this festival with their same heart feelings. Many of the things that we do to celebrate this holy day, this is the day of peace and happiness as on this day God Shree Raam return to their home after spending fourteen years in the forest. In their welcome people burn diya and remove all the darkness of that night, so this festival is also called as the festival of lights. In today age we also do same things to celebrate this day or to make this festival as a festival of lights, Modern generation also

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Celebration for this day starts from ten days before only. People start cleaning their houses and make new paints to their house to give their house a new look. They also try to decorate it with many kind of wallpaper or hand made posters of diwali and other religious one. On two day before of diwali people also buys new clothes or Utensils that day is called as Dhanteras. Thoughts behind this day is that if we will purchase new things on this day then Mata Laxmi will become happy with this.

People buy lots of new Cloths for diwali. They also buy cracks, Sweets for children and guest too. On the day of Diwali peoples wear new clothes and meets to their relatives and neighbours or Friends and wish them all a very Happy Diwali.

Happy Diwali 3d Animated Images :-

In the night of Diwali Day all of the family members come together and do a aarti for Mata Laxmi and they ask Mata to give happiness in their home. After the Puja they all sit together and have a dinner. In the dinner, all of the family member makes their presence as this is this is the big festival and only this is the day for all of the family member to join together in the busy life of today era. So all of them make some space in their life schedule to meet their family on this day and have a dinner together.

After doing dinner family members, come out of the home in the gardens or locality and burn crackers to enjoy their evening with families. Some of friends also come together to have a party somewhere at their favorite place to enjoy this day. All of this ways of celebrating give happiness to mind of everyone and also give auspicious time to spend with our family members.


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