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Happy Diwali Rangoli, checkout Diwali rangoli images, happy diwali 2016 rangoli images :-Diwali is one of big hindu’s festival amongst all festival that used to celebrate in whole of the year. Usually this festival comes across in the October or November. This festival is used to hold on the Kartik Amavasya. On this day Shri Raam comes to his home back with mata sita and younger brother Laxman then for welcoming them people of Ayodhya welcome them by burning diyas everywhere and then removes the darkness of the hour. So that’s why also this day is called as victory of Light over Darkness. From that day people of hindu community start celebrating this day with the name diwali, all people who come in the hindus community do laxmi Pujan on this day and leaves their home’s door open for all night for welcoming mata Laxmi in their houses.

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Many days before only people start preparing for this day and people start decorating their houses and home well. People put out all of the unnecessary things out of their house or shops and then they make them colored to give their house and shop a new look. People also decorate their houses with the new posters and some hand made decoration for giving their houses look better and different.

In the hand made decoration ladies of the home make some holy picture on the wall called Mata Ahoi and girls and boys of the home also help in decoration as they put some hand made cards or posters on the wall of the house to give it a better look.

Boys also make lightning to their houses. They use different kind of lights to make their home shine in darkness.

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Girls in the house do some extra work on the holy festival as they make rangolis. Girls make this rangolis with the help of different kind of colours which they have. They make rrangolisfor welcoming the guests to their home and also they make these rrangolison hindu’s culture god and also of some other kind. This rangolis mainly used to have the colours red, yellow or green.

These rangolies can be made anywhere in the home either it can be made at the entry of the house by leaving some space for coming in the house or for going out. Also it has to be made in the Varamda of the house or some time it can be made on the stairs of the house to keep it separate from the reach of anyone so that didn’t get the spoil.

Here we are giving you some of the rangoli design that you can make for your house decoration, have a look at all of these designs.

Diwali 2016 Images rangoli

Diwali rangoli 2016 happy diwali








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best diwali rangoli 2016







Finally we have update all the stuff related to Happy Diwali 2016 if you still have anything to know about diwali rangoli design then you may comment below for more detail. Keep sharing these rangoli with your family and friends.

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