Aamir Khan & Akshay Kumar Together, Pictures Friendship

Top images Akshay Kumar and aamir khan together, Salman khan :- Hey everyone many bollywood geek person always want to know something special about there favorite superstar and currently we are talking about aamir khan and akshay kumar, Both these star are currently come in the high paid star in bollywood, In 25 Years of carrier both of them haven’t do film together till now but there are some photos which we collect only for you which are of friendship of Both aamir & Akshay. There are lot of different in both these superstar, as akshay kumar is known as Khiladi or Bollywood and Can do both Action and Comedy scene but aamir khan only worked in films which he love,

In many award show both these superstar meet each other but you may not notice them in one stage, Last time we saw both of them in the promotion of 3d Idiots, Pk. As aamir khan didn’t come in award show but in some special moments they meet each other. So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

Aamir Khan and Akshay kumar together

Thsese pictures which we mention you above are of party photos, Recently while releasing Dangal both these star meet each and have a great meeting together, The bitter truth of bollywood is that both of them haven’t do any film together.

Aamir Khan & Akshay Kumar images party


aamir, akshay, twinkle khan together


aamir, salman and akshay kumar together


Aamir Khan & Akshay Kumar pictures


akshay kumar & aamir khan images pics


we have finally mention all beautiful images of aamir, akshay kumar and salman khan together, In some images you can see that aamir khan and hrithik roshan together as well. There are many pictures which will come in further if they both meet each other. So these are the main information which we collect about Aamir khan, Akshay kumar together.


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