5th Day collection Dangal, Income Sunday Box office

Dangal 5th day box office collection, earnings, income :- Aamir khan dangal start with a massive growth in the first 5 days, Gross on both domestic and international market is higher than expected, Every time when the movie of aamir release on indian box office people not only excited to watch the trailer but fans can bunk there college to see his movie. On Christmas 2016 aamir decide to release dangal and without rising the price of ticket film collect 27 crore amount in the first day show,

Due to weekend holiday of Christmas business in various big city is much higher than expected. In winter season we notice that very lesser number of Bollywood film are flop because people pay more attention on movie in winter season instead of Summer vocation. Today we like to share a graph of earning which Dangal earn in the first day show so take a look.

Dangal 5th day Box office collection, income

5 days collection of dangal

As the first Friday show make a good amount so second and third one also deserve to be good, Some people may thinking that, Aamir khan Statement will make this movie flop but this is not true. People still Blindly follow aamir only because of his name. Before releasing dangal film already touch a good amount in paid preview and now in the first week again khan prove that no Bollywood star can’t beat his film, Vocation season also put a good impact on Khan’s film, Have you ever notice that each film of aamir release in December month, Dhoom 3, PK and Dangal both release in the same month and surely the upcoming one i.e Secret superstar also released next month.

On Sunday show growth of dangal increase up to 20 % in bigger cities like Mumbai, Delhi. Late night show are full of crowd and 30 % more expensive than early morning show, If you have’t watch dangal yet and like to know about what new in this film then let me remind you something first. Dangal actually tell us the story of Olympic gold medalistGeta and babita, Aamir khan is playing the role of his father i.e Mahavir singh. In a different Haryanvi look  both these star cast looks amazing.

Dangal 5th day box office collection, income :- 25.81 crore

Box office collection total 5 days  :- 150 crore


Latest given report show that Dangal gross not only high in india but it also showing great response in international market as well. aamir khan celebrate Dangal success with the real character of dangal which is a positive thing, It is now prove that dangal surely gonna highest blockbuster of all time.


Total 5 day collection of dangal

Now the question arrives in our mind can dangal make 500 crore at the end of 4 weekends, Yes it seem that public is too excited to watch dangal so touch 500 crore mark worldwide ins’t that much difficult of dangal. Shocking fact which very few guys know that film only take less than 2 days to cross 72 crore mark, So these are the main information which we collect about dangal 5th day collection, total 5 days collection of dangal.


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